T2’s, Straw & Baby Tractor’s

So, here it is, our very first blog post. Let’s see how all this pans out – the intention is to provide an insight into the farming operations on our family farm and our contracting business. This week we have spent our time with T2’s, Straw and Baby Tractors!

Bateman HiloWheat T2’s

Following on from the glorious weather last week we progressed our T2’s across all of our Winter Wheat. Products in the tax mix this were Priaxor EC, Eclipse & Headland Magnus Pro providing 75g/l Fluxapryoxad, 150 g/l Pyraclostrobin, 250 g/l Fenpropimorph, 84 g/l Epoxiconazole, 340 g/l Magnesium and 255 g/l sulphur.

Having grown milling varieties for more than half a century we really liked the look of KWS Trinity last year. We have predominantly heavy clay land and it looked fantastic throughout the season. Clean, well tillered, good yield and protein spec – compared to the Cordiale we had grown for the last 4 years it looked a much better all round variety.

KWS Zyatt Data Sheet

KWS Zyatt Data Sheet

As they say though – no two seasons are the same. When comparing the KWS Trinity to KWS new beast on the market KWS Zyatt there does not seem to be any comparison. The Zyatt looks mighty. It is certainly going to be interesting to see what the quality is like post harvest. Described as a dynamic wheat that’s out of this world – I can see next year it taking a larger acerage in our cropping than it has done this year!


As you may have seen by our recent posts, this year we have purchased a Claas 2200 Quadrant baler from Ripon Farm Services – Thanks Nigel. This has been something we have thought about over the last 2 seasons and decided to take the leap this year as all the figures stack up! This has marked an exciting time for our farm and we cant wait to get it into the field. This week we have been looking at various land parcels to ensure enough straw for us to bale this harvest.

We areon the look out for straw in swath / straw by the bale arrangements for harvest 2018. If you are interested in selling your straw please head to our contact us page and get in touch.

New Tractor Purchase – Well, Kind of.

New Holland Childrens Tractor

Have you ever managed to go to your local dealers and come out with only the items you went in for? Me neither. A little trip to pick up one of the Stihl Knapsack sprayers to Russell’s at Eggborough ended with me walking out with this blue baby tractor for our little boy who is due to be born in September. I mean, he needs to learn early right? This tractor now joins our fleet of New Holland machines used on the farm!!! Thank you to Jonny at Russells for sorting us out with the last one.

Thank you for having a read of our first blog – Until next time…..

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