Barley harvest, drones and IPF Contour

Harvest is in full swing now and we have taken advantage of the cracking Yorkshire weather to start harvest a week earlier than normal. With highs of 28 degrees over the weekend we cut into our Syngenta Bazooka Barley. This is the first time we have grown hybrid Barley on the farm always favouring cassia previously. The dry conditions have undoubtedly impacted yields but still achieved a yield of 6.9 t/ha over the weigh bridge. Straw yields were equally as good with 3.2 tonnes hectare of straw achieved.

We have been using variable rate fertiliser applications for 3 years through IPF and have seen our yields increase. Continue reading

Square Baling Services in Wakefield

We are proud to announce that we have purchased a Claas 2200 Square baler in time for harvest 2018. baler

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The baler produces 120×70 bales in lengths to suit our customers requirements.

We are now looking for new customers for the 2018 season.

We are currently looking for straw in swath around the Yorkshire area. If you have straw available for sale please get in touch.

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